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People Savers

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People Savers Training "Prepare! Stay Safe! Survive!"

Perfect for schools, boy-scouts, girl-guides, or any youth program! People Savers is a 4-level program developed by the Canadian Red Cross to teach safety awareness and first aid skills to elementary school-aged children.

Lessons taught by the People Savers Facilitator are supported by colouring workbooks for each level. Participants follow the PeopleSavers character for each level through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and they learn to Check for Safety, Call for Help, and care for an Injured Person.

Target Group

Designed for youth 5-12 years of age. This course has 4 levels: the content, time and cost for each level scales with the age of the group.

People Savers Content

  • The People Savers program offers continuous and consistent reinforcement of injury prevention and emergency action throughout the childhood years. Each level contains five sections.

  • 1. Canadian Red Cross: The participants learn about the Red Cross Services: First Aid, Water Safety, Emergency, and International Services.

  • 2. I am a People Saver: The participants learn that everyone can be a People Saver and that a People Saver knows how to "Prepare! Stay Safe! and Survive!"

  • 3. Check for Safety: The participants learn how to evaluate their surroundings and what constitutes a safe environment both at home and in the community.

  • 4. Call for Help: The participants learn when, who and how to call for help in an emergency.

  • 5. Care for a Person: The participants learn to care for and comfort an injured person in many situations: cuts, scrapes, and bleeding, unconsciousness, comfort, poisoning, burns, rescue breathing, choking, and broken bones.

Approximate Course Length and Cost:

Level 1: Ages 5-6 (1 hour) Cost: $15.00 + GST

Level 2: Ages 6-8 (2 hours) Cost: $20.00 + GST

Level 3: Ages 8-10 (3 hours) Cost: $30.00 + GST

Level 4: Ages 10-12 (4 hours) Cost: $40.00 + GST

The program is flexible to suit a variety of settings and groups. Although each level reinforces the skills learned at an earlier level, the participant can join the People Savers program at any level.

Clearwater County: We give discounts to youth programs within Rocky Mountain House. Contact us with age ranges and student numbers to learn PeopleSavers, and get your discount.

School Cost: We have volume discounts for schools. Contact us with age ranges and student numbers to learn PeopleSavers, and get your discount.


Full Course:

No scheduled public courses.


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