All about Delta Emergency


We educate to inspire the confidence needed to successfully deal with emergencies. We create professionals.


Educating the public with accessible, exceptional instruction; creating confident, knowledgeable, safety conscious communities.


We believe in recognizing leadership and advancing the paramedic profession. We contribute to charitable initiatives that are devoted to medical research and emergency education; financially and through volunteerism. We run courses to assist with building funds for local organizations to purchase First Aid equipment and AEDs. Contact us to discuss a training partnership for charity. We believe everyone has the human right to health and education. 

Annually, we financially donate to each the organizations listed below. On top of annual lump sum donations, 1% of all company profits are divided among these, and other charities. Several times a year, we also volunteer our time to teach courses for the purpose of donating all course profits to deserving charities and initiatives.

Canadian Red Cross | Extra Life | Heart and Stroke Canada | Paramedic Pay it Forward Award | TEMA Memorial

Our Name

In Emergency Medical Services (EMS), incoming emergency phone calls are received by an emergency dispatch centre. These calls are given a 'determinant'. A determinant informs EMS personnel what type of emergency call they will be responding to, and the severity of the injury/illness.

In the EMS priority dispatch system, the most frequent critical injury or illness calls are Delta response calls. These calls require a rapid response for effective help with these life threatening emergencies.

Although definitive care in any emergency medical situation requires transportation to a hospital, first responders have the opportunity to initiate life saving techniques to the critically-ill.  The sick and injured need safe, confident, reliable emergency support from those whom are helping them. This compassion can be from a first aider, a nurse, a physician, a paramedic or anyone trained to assist in emergencies.

Delta Emergency Support Training educates those undertaking our courses to be proficient, knowledgeable, confident first responders.